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Buy House – Get Free Lamborghini… sounds good right?

Posted in Bizarre, Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars, Fast Cars, Lamborghini by MrAngry | July 9th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Selling real estate can be a bitch at times. First you have to call the Realtor, then you have to go through the listing process and then you have to deal with the endless hordes of people who want to waste your time and kick tires. It’s a hassle that no home owner wants to deal with, so the quicker they can sell the house, the better. Now it seems that a businessman in the UK has devised a little trick of his own to help foster the sale of his lavish 7,200 sq ft, six-bedroom house. 63 year old David Gilbert of the UK is somewhat of a Lamborghini freak, in fact since 1998 he’s owned no fewer than 19 of them. He’s had five Murcielago’s, two Gallardo’s and an amazing TWELVE Diablo’s!

Apparently Mr. Gilbert really wants out of his old pad because as part of the deal he is willing to throw in his much beloved Lamborghini Gallardo. I’m assuming he’s figuring it will compliment a house that has its own electronically operated gate, three car garage and full tennis court. Hell, maybe this will catch on in the States and we’ll soon see adds like:

“2 bedroom, 1 bath doublewide trailer for sale. Comes with one lawn chair and 1986 Camaro. Don’t wait… CALL NOW!” What? It could happen.

Source: BornRich.org

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  1. Bolt-on lambo doors says:

    A free Lamborghini sounds really fantastic!