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Buy A Ducati Diavel, Rule The World

Posted in Ducati, Videos by Kurt Ernst | May 15th, 2011 | 1 Response |

If the video below is true (and it has to be, because it’s on the internet), the Ducati Diavel will intimidate men carrying clipboards, get women hot and bothered, captivate children and cause men driving AMG Mercedes sedans to drive into parked cars. If that’s not all you need to rule the world, you should seriously consider another line of work (possibly one that involves carrying a clipboard). When Ducati announced their 162 horsepower cruiser, I’ll admit that my first thought was “pointless waste of carbon fiber”. The more that I see the bike, especially in motion, the more I understand it’s appeal and the more I could actually see myself riding one (after hitting the lottery, of course). Watch the Diavel in action in the video below.

At a base price of $16,995 (or $19,995 for the uber-sinister Diavel Carbon), the Diavel isn’t cheap, but it is priced on par with Harley’s V-Rod (which starts at $17,199). That’s cheaper than Yamaha’s overpriced and bloated V-Max, which (almost unbelievably) stickers at $19,890, so maybe the Diavel is priced just where it needs to be. I know one thing for sure: that blond in the cafe isn’t going to look at a guy on a V-Rod or a V-Max with quite the same hunger in her eyes, so that alone may make the Diavel worth the price of admission.

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One Response

  1. Jim says:

    Sorry, but I have to say Ducati’s are way overrated. They’re decent bikes, but once you figure in the money, they are way overpriced.