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But I’m Not Dead Yet: Will GM Sell The Pontiac G8 As A Chevy?

Posted in auto industry, Car Buying, Cars, Chevrolet, GM, Holden, New Cars, Newsworthy, Pontiac by Kurt Ernst | November 22nd, 2010 | 7 Responses |

2009 Pontiac G8 GXP

Enthusiasts with a penchant for full sized sport sedans bemoaned the day when GM pulled the plug on Pontiac. The Pontiac G8, a rebadged and Americanized Holden Commodore, was just what a power hungry public demanded to replace their Impala SS sedans, and Pontiac had worked out nearly all the bugs by the time GM killed the brand. Bankruptcy, a concern over tightening CAFE regulations and a focus away from performance cars precluded Chevy from rebadging the Commodore as a Caprice, at least for the civilian market. If you wanted to drive one on these shores, it looked like your only chance was to become a police officer in a department that was buying the new, Commodore-based, Chevy Caprice Police Interceptors.

If Motor Authority is correct, however, you may have a second chance to buy a Holden Commodore as a civilian, possibly branded as a Chevy Caprice. Apparently, high level discussions are ongoing within GM, and some sources even claim that it’s a done deal. The Commodore is already sold in certain markets, such as South Africa, branded as a Chevrolet Lumina. That brand doesn’t carry the weight of the Caprice on these shores, so if the project does move forward, I’d expect to see the Commodore branded as a Caprice (or possibly Impala) in the U.S. market. GM is looking to prove that they’re back, and a halo sedan for Chevrolet would be a step in the right direction. I say build it, brand the most powerful version as the Impala SS, and be sure to offer it in Black Cherry. I think I can line up at least two buyers for you off the top of my head.

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7 Responses

  1. Sir Yawn-a-lot says:

    …Oh no! — once chevy gets their hands on this it’s sure to take a trip through the bland factory and slapped with a bow tie.

  2. BigRuss says:

    PLEASE!!!! i want mine with a ZR1 motor…. and a 6 speed….

  3. Kurt Ernst says:

    I doubt you’ll get the LS9 motor, but you’ll probably get an LS3.

  4. Shahroz says:

    It|’s already being sold as a Chevrolet Lumina in the middle east, and it sells like hot cakes!!!
    It’s an amazing car, and i believe it’s failure in North America was due to the Pontiac name associated with it. Hopefully it will sell under the Chevy badge !

    But i’d rather take a one of the full-size SRT8 sedans ;)

  5. BigRuss says:

    that still wouldnt stop us from swapping one in… im still lookin for a decent G8 GXP

  6. […] also been the basis for models such as the Buick Park Avenue, Chevy Caprice, and Chevy Lumina. The G8 is rear-wheel drive and comes in two main trim levels, the base model and the GT. It is available […]