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Bus Racing: Top Gear Style

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Top Gear Bus Race

The hosts of “Top Gear” no doubt have the greatest automotive jobs in the world. They’re privy to all sorts of insider information, get to drive just about everything and seemingly have the most fun in the auto industry. Their stunts are legendary, their road trips are awe inspiring and their race track antics… well, that’s another story all together. While Jeremy Clarkson gets to play ringleader, Richard Hammond and James May get to partake in some “lesser” events. Take for instance this little contest that was put on to see which of London’s passenger buses was the fastest around a road course. The drivers consisted of three pro’s, a professional hairdresser and Richard Hammond. Here in the U.S. we expect to see antics like this, but odds are they’d take place in Georgia with a bunch of toothless rednecks behind the wheel. By adding in a little highbrow flare however “Top Gear” has managed to make even redneck sports look good.

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