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Burnout Contest Gone Horribly Wrong

Posted in Burnouts, Camaro by Kurt Ernst | February 18th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Let’s say you own a third gen Camaro and you want to pick up some spare cash on the weekends. Why not enter some burnout contests for the extra scratch? This video shows you why, as the “brand X” all season radial explodes, literally through the back of the guy’s car. Truly epic damage.

Here are some reminders, boys and girls: first, air down your tires to 15 or 20 psi before doing burnouts, OK? Second, remember that tire speed ratings are there for a reason; overheat a non-speed rated tire at full pressure, and bad things are bound to happen. Finally, invest some of your winnings on tires designed for burnouts, not tires sold over the counter at Pep Boys for $25 each.

Source: Bangshift

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