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“Bumblebee” Special Edition Camaro On the Way, Spark Not Included

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Word through the grapevine is GM is about to milk the press surrounding its latest multimillion dollar advertisement campaign the new Transformers movie for all its worth by offering limited edition Camaros in Bumblebee threads.

But before all you bow-tie-loving Generation 1 Autobot fans out there start saving up your dinero, there’s fittingly more than meets the eye to this announcement.

According to Camaro5, GM just announced via live broadcast that dealers will be accepting orders starting June 1 with production to run from June 24 through December. Officially, you can order LT or SS models that will include the following list of modifications:

– Rally Yellow body paint with black stripes
-Special Transformers badging on wheels, door sill plates, and embroidery on console lid

Did you catch that? The empty space where full body kit with unique movie replica front and rear fascias should go is blank. And so is the high-dollar alternative fuel source option transforming your internal combustion engine to run on energon. Don’t these people know anything?

I suppose we’ll have to settle for the Camaro borrowing the same old tricks Ford used when they ripped off Steve McQueen’s use of a Mustang by offering the Bullitt package–you know, minus all the tasty little suspension, intake, and tuning modifications that made the car more than a paint-and-decal job that any geek with a Paypal account could easily have created by himself.

Images via: Jalopnik

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