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Bullrun Season 3, Episode 8: Blockade

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Bullrun Season 3, Episode 8

First off I must say congratulations to the four remaining teams. I know it’s been a long run, but the end is near and I am sure that by this time during the filming you could all taste it. Last weeks challenge unfortunately bid farewell to Team Challenger. Those guys drove hard, but in they end they just didn’t have what it took to stay in the game. Episode 8 saw Team Lambo regaining their top trickery status back from Team NSX from the week prior. The Brothers Wu are no fools and know how to read the competition, thus they decided to go with what they thought was the weakest link in their greatest competitors armor – this was little Julia from Team Hemi Cuda.

Julia seems to be one sweet kid and while Poppa’ Janos wasn’t looking, Bill decided to take full advantage of the situation by doing a little kidnapping. Well, I shouldn’t say kidnapping as there are two sides to every story. The main jist of the story was Bill took Julia to a strip club… not a majorly bad thing in my opinion, just something that was a little off color. Keep in mind that Julia could have said no, at which time I am sure Bill would have listened, however something tells me her curiosity may have gotten the best of her, thus leading to their little trip. Obviously Marc was not too pleased with this and told Bill that next time he may be dealing with his right hand in the form of a Missouri fist.

Bullrun Season 3, Episode 8

Five teams remained at the start of Episode 8 and you can bet they’re all gunning to take the win. Their first checkpoint was Union Creek, Oregon which should have been an easy goal had it not been for the forest fires that blocked their way. This forced every team to back track and take the same Rte. 58 South to the checkpoint. In first to the checkpoint was Team Hemi Cuda followed closely by BMW, Hummer and Lambo. Team BMW got screwed by way of some overzealous fans that put a kink in their game by making them miss an exit, causing them to travel 45 minutes out of the way.

Episode 8 also saw the first time that immunity wasn’t offered. This sucked for all teams as the immunity was sometimes the deciding factor in staying alive or being eliminated. Without the immunity it was now truly every man for themselves. The final checkpoint was in Yreka, Oregon, where the teams would compete in a challenge called Blockade.

I was going to start to explain the challenge, but then I saw the SpeedTV.com website did a grand job of doing it for me.

This timed challenge starts in the Bullrun Start Box, but there is a twist. One team member is driving their car and the other is driving the stunt vehicle.

The driver in the stunt vehicle must take out the take out all of the Blockades on the course while the other drive in the team car is following behind. The Bullrun Team car must complete 3 laps as fast as possible to stop the time. The driver must stop completely inside the stop box to finish the challenge. The team with the slowest time will be eliminated and be sent home.

Bullrun Season 3, Episode 8

As it turned out Team Wu was able to get yet another pass from the challenge, but this time they did it by actually coming in first by way of great navigation. Teams BMW and NSX were automatically in the challenge as they came in the bottom two spots. When it came time to choose a 3rd team for the challenge, Lambo decided to leave that up to Team Hummer who obviously threw in Team Hemi Cuda, thus protecting their own hides.

Bullrun Season 3, Episode 8

The challenge was quite fun to watch and I have to say that each of the contestants did a stellar job. Best of all though was little Julia from Team Hemi Cuda’. Ladies and Gents, this little girl not only slammed through water filled trash cans, but ran into a wall, while at the same time doing one hell of a job outrunning the pursuing cop car. This chicks got skills behind the wheel. Teams NSX and BMW also did a great job, but unfortunately, not as well as Team Cuda. As they came in second and third, with Team BMW getting the boot and going home. Kids, you did a great job and congrats for making it this far.

Bullrun Season 3, Episode 8

Next weeks episode should be a good one. It’s the final 4 teams and they’ll be all gunning for the Bullrun Trophy. The gloves will be off and the trickery will be flowing in full force, so make sure to tune in.

Angry Out.

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