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Bullrun Season 3, Episode 7: Kidnap

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Bullrun is back from its little hiatus so fans around the U.S. can now relax and get back to rooting for their favorite teams. We’re now halfway home and 6 teams remain to battle it out for the $200,000. Any alliances that are left are now fragile at best and the teams are now all out for blood. Some short term friendships will be formed but only out of sheer necessity.

NSX Shot

The first leg took our teams in route to Christmas Valley, Oregon, a place where the collective tooth count looked to be about seven – this was straight up deliverance country ladies and gentleman. Some changes also began to take place on this leg as Team Lambo was scaling back on their usual antics. Team NSX however was all hot and heavy to ramp up theirs and make things interesting. With NSX still riding high from their last challenge win and their confidence level boosted, they now began screwing with everyone. From their little fuel stunt, to hiding in the weeds playing automotive commando, Team NSX was intent on taking the bad guy role away from Team Lambo. This is great news for Team Lambo, but bad news for Team NSX.

Lambo Hummer

The first into checkpoint one was Team Hemi Cuda with the rest of the teams scrambling to find it. For some reason this checkpoint confused the crap out of everyone as they were driving in circles for what seemed like hours. There was also the little matter of the local police busting chops, as teams BMW and Challenger got pinched for no apparent reason.

Once everyone got the new route cards they began the long trek to their next checkpoint in Alfalfa, Oregon and back into deliverance country. Along this route we saw Teams Lambo and Hummer team up, but only for about 5 minutes until Team Hummer dissed them by not giving them the right information, otherwise they were all buddy buddy. Teams Hummer, Lambo and NSX were first to the route card, with Challenger, Cuda and BMW bringing up the rear. The next and final destination was in Oakridge, Oregon where the teams would compete in the challenge: Kidnap.

Team BMW

Coming in first place with the best leader board time was Team Hummer. These guys have slowly been kicking ass in not only navigation but the challenges as well. It’s great to see them excelling at the game. The bottom two teams were BMW and Challenger. Now, when it came time to choose a team to put in, Team Hummer wanted to draw numbers which really wasn’t a bad idea in my opinion. For some reason this pissed off Team NSX as they felt that Team Lambo should have competed. Obviously they felt all high and mighty because they had the immunity wrench and wanted everyone to know it. However I think they probably would’ve kept their mouths shut if they hadn’t gotten it. Like I’ve said before, it’s all about how you play the game.

Team Hemi Cuda

Since NSX was immune Team Hummer chose Team Hemi Cuda to face off against BMW and Challenger. Mark, The Ice Man from Team Cuda, did not seem pleased with this, but since he shows absolutely no emotion whatsoever I’m purely going on speculation. The challenge was called Kidnap and consisted of chasing down the Bullrun Mustang and rescuing your co-driver from the Bullrun clutches of doom. Once safely back in the passenger seat you needed to drive back through an obstacle course and park in the stop box.

I have to preface this next part by saying that if you have a car with traction control and you are going to compete in the challenges LEAVE THE F*CKIN’ THING ON!!! All you boneheads turn it off and end up messing yourselves up. BMW, this is twice that you’ve turned it off and twice that it bit you in the ass. Once on the dirt track where you spun and then again last night when you almost lost it going up that hill. It’s there to help you, not hurt you so unless it’s a drifting event don’t touch that button! BMW hit the course, and aside from the aforementioned almost spin, they did quite well.

Team Challenger

Next up was Team Hemi Cuda and as usual Mark “The Iceman” Janos nailed it. Keep in mind that we have 5 teams remaining after last nights episode and out of those 5 teams and based on what I’ve seen, Mark is really the best and only hot shoe in the bunch. Teams, I’d be VERY worried about coming up against him in any type of challenge. Team Challenger was up next on the course and according to the footage they seemed to do ok. This was in fact the first time that I wasn’t clear who won. I mean it was kinda’ clear that Cuda nailed it, but I had no idea about Challenger and BMW. When the times were tabulated it was Hemi Cuda on top, BMW in second and Challenger in last. Guys, I’m really sorry to see you go. You were a great team and a lot of fun to watch and I was really hoping that you guys were going to hit top 3. Congrats for making it as far as you did and I hope you enjoyed the ride. Until next week… Angry Out.

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    weird…is that a head of a girl, in the lambo pic, behind the chubby doode? Where the rest of her body? Is she behind the lambo or on da roof?