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Bullrun Season 3, Episode 6: Switchblade

Posted in Bullrun, General by MrAngry | March 26th, 2010 | 8 Responses |


We are now at the halfway point of Bullrun Season 3. The proverbial herd is starting to thin out and teams are finally starting to realize that they must a adopt a do or die attitude if they want to stay in the game. Last week we saw the unfortunate demise of Team Mustang which meant only 6 teams remained to battle for the Bullrun trophy. For both the teams and the viewers this is a pivotal time in the season. Viewers of the show have now had plenty of time to get to know, and decide on who their favorite teams are. We’ve seen how they deal with navigation, challenges and have been granted some insight as to what their strategies are. We’ve also gotten to know them on a somewhat personal level by seeing them interact with each other throughout each leg of the event. The teams on the show are at the same point, but at a much different level. They’ve sized up the opposing teams strengths and weaknesses and know now who their biggest rivals are. Now it all comes down to strategy.


The teams started out in route to the High Desert State Prison, but out of the box problems started arising. Team Hemi Cuda has apparently been plagued with a fuel issue, more specifically there was some water in their tank – this is never good. Poppa’ Janos however took control of the situation by drilling a hole in the tank to drain the fuel. Now, I am not advising this, but as mentioned before, he knows his car better than anyone, so if he felt this was a safe idea then so be it. I was just hoping we weren’t going to see a Matt Kutcher style explosion at the hands of Hemi Cuda’. Speaking of Matt (the stunt coordinator)… Dude, are you trying to blow up the Earth because the explosions seem to be getting bigger and bigger… LOL!


We also saw some tensions begin to rise amongst drivers and co-drivers. Team Hummer was bitching at each other, the Brothers Wu were all pissed off and even Team Lexus had their panties in a twist. Teams NSX, Challenger and BMW however were all having a jolly good time. BMW stopped for some chow at an In & Out Burger which was a risky move (they do make good burgers though), NSX were just their normal happy selves and Team Challenger was all stoked because they found a great short cut down a dirt road, which by the way was a very good call… way to go guys.

We then saw Team Lexus almost get T-boned when they went to make a u-turn. I do have one question here. We all saw the Lexus get stuck and a guy from a van was helping them out. Now if this was a camera guy from one of the chase vans then I have to call bullshit and throw up a red flag. The deal is there should be NO assistance from ANYONE on the crew in times of trouble. Hell, the crew we had almost saw us die due to sleep deprivation during a 20 hour filming day and they didn’t do shit for us. So… Lexus, how about some clarification on this one.


The next checkpoint was Lakeville, Oregon. Teams got their cards and proceeded on their way but since Team Hemi Cuda was already in last place Poppa’ Janos decided it may be a good time to teach little Julia’ (I got your name right) how to drive. A few 0-60 starts later and she was driving like a pro. Good thing to because those skills were going to come in handy at the end of the show. Now on their way to Lakeville teams Lambo, Hummer and BMW were in a caravan until the Wu’s got pulled over, thus letting all the other teams go fourth and pass them. This is twice now that Team Lambo has been stopped by the cops.

First into the checkpoint was Team Challenger. This meant that they were not only immune from the days challenge but had the fun task of selecting someone to be placed in harms way. Team Hemi Cuda came in last so they were automatically in the challenge, then came Team Lexus and finally Team Lambo. Once again though they got the immunity wrench and stayed safe on the sidelines. I am still perplexed as to why no one else aside from Team Challenger has gone for this. With Lambo out Team NSX was chosen for the challenge. I was pretty stoked about this because I really wanted to see that little rice rocket run.

 <a href="http://www.ridelust.com/?attachment_id=41708" rel="attachment wp-att-41708"><img src="http://www.ridelust.com/wp-content/uploads/NSX1.jpg" alt="Bullrun" title="NSX" width="500" height="281" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-41708" /></a>

The challenge, Switchblade, was definitely the most complex of this seasons challenges thus far. The basic premise was to launch the car and navigate through a slalom course, through a pane of glass, spin the car around and then back into a spot. Once complete driver and co-driver would switch places and repeat. Up first was team Lexus. Now we all know the Tracy is a professional race car driver or so she said, however when the time came to step up to the plate, she must have forgotten her driving suit because she let the car get away from her and nailed a post. On the return trip Emilie took the wheel although she didn’t hit a post, she did miss one and then tagged the water barrels in the stop box. All in all not an impressive run

Up next was Team Hemi Cuda. Mark is always fun to watch behind the wheel as he’s no bullshit and lets it all hang out. On the return trip it was Julia’s turn behind the wheel of the big Cuda’ and honk my hooter if she didn’t handle that bad boy like a pro. Julia’… you did good kid, way to go. NSX was up next and as this was their first challenge no one really knew what to expect. When the go flag dropped NSX blitzed through the challenge with no worries whatsoever. From this point on, if the next few challenges are on pavement that NSX is going to be tough to beat. In the end Team Lexus ended up going home as they choked in the challenge, Team NSX took the win and Team Hemi Cuda lived to fight another day. Only 6 teams remain ladies and gentleman, so make sure you stay tuned.

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8 Responses

  1. Suck it Mr. Angry!!!!! I wonder if Danika could come out and bust a drift just because she drives for the IRL. I know all of dem good ole boy NASCAR drivers pretty much sucked when they came up against NASCAR drivers. Still love you though. Only because you cuzz a lot and are Italian like me. We share the “I’m not yelling, I’m Italian” deal.

  2. TeamAV says:

    Tracy, I like you girls, but I always TRIED to follow one important rule in Season 2… Don’t be cocky. The more you build yourself up before you have to back it up means the more you have to produce to get people’s respect. The less you do means when it comes time to put up or shut up you’re not necessarily dissappointing anyone, because no one knows what to expect. You’re much more likely to impress people with your driving in this case rather than dissappoint. There’s just not as much to live up to and it’s easier to meet the target. Then, you try to drive beyond that target and really make people wonder. All in all, I like you guys, but like Team Lexus from season 2 you had a fatal flaw; you’re a drifter. Bullrun incorporates many different styles and being a professional at just one makes you an amateur just like the rest of the pack.

    Also, you pissed off Goldberg… that’s NEVER a good idea! hahaha!


  3. MrAngry says:

    Hey Guys… come on Tracy… be nice, you know I think you’re a rockstar. And Bear, Dude, you guys were awesome to watch last season, so thanks for the entertainment. Those challenges are bitch and designed to throw you off your game. Not knowing what to expect, worrying about damaging your car combined with the anxiety and pressure to win are all parts of it.

    Be proud though, you guys did great!

  4. TeamAV says:

    I appreciate it! You know, I’ve hung out a bit with Team Mustang from Season 1 and I gotta say I am VERY JEALOUS! It seems like you guys were the rockstars! After hearing stories from Rich about all the insanity of Season 1 I couldn’t really compare them to Season 2… Playboy mansions and stuff… Bah, gimme a motel 8 and a shitty bar that likes to kick out and have it’s patrons arrested! hahaha! I had a blast as I’m sure Tracy and you did though and I wouldn’t change it. Also, I was in Miami all last week and after I get back Rich comments on one of my facebook pictures.. Something like “Yeah, that’s the versace mansion… we partied there during the Bullrun 2007 rally…” I’m seriously missing out here and speaking of Bullrun Rally… you wouldn’t happen to know where I can pick up a quick 20k do you?

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time on the right ups dude… I read every single one of them and I’m always impressed. Keep it up!

  5. Squire says:

    Will the public ever figure out who called the cops on team Lambo a couple episodes back? I can’t imagine it was Julia as both her and her father seem to mind their own business.

    Or maybe that will be kept under wraps considering that filing a false police report is a misdemeanor.

  6. ryanteamnsx says:

    i love reading your write ups! you do great! as for the show… it was seriously the time of my life. i had hardly any stress and so much fun. like you said we always look care free and its because after day 3 or something we just decided to do our best and enjoy our time in front of the camera. so thats why we always look laid back and care free…… just so happens its gotten us pretty far haha.

    and as for the cop thing……… thats going to be kept under wraps…… >_<

  7. Austin says:

    Man, what a sick twist of fate for Team Hemicuda! Getting Julia to drive for a while, doing some 0-60 runs only to come in last for the final checkpoint and do a challenge such as this!

    Switchblade reminded me one particular challenge from Season 2. You know, the one where Team Camaro goes home.

  8. HighNoon says:

    I have a lot of respect for Team Hemi. Mark has the attitude you should have, I believe, in Bullrun. Speak softly and carry a big stick…and if all else fails, drill a hole in your gas tank!