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Bullrun Season 3, Episode 5: Sling Shot

Posted in Bullrun, General by MrAngry | March 23rd, 2010 | 8 Responses |

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Bullrun Season 3 is still motoring right along. As of now 5 teams have been eliminated and tensions are starting to grow. I remember that by this time in Season 1 that those of us who were left started to get serious. We trusted no one and had that eerie feeling that any one of the remaining teams would stick a knife in our back at any moment. Remember that the teams have 200,000 reasons to make sure that you don’t win.

Last week we saw the demise of Team Mini, which in all honesty was ok. They seemed like good people but didn’t really add much to the show. This week we’re seeing attitudes rise and teams getting anxious. Episode 5 began with the teams heading to a small town in Nevada. I think it was called Loony but I could be wrong. The first half of the episode was pretty uneventful as we saw some of the teams up to their usual antics. Chris from Team Hummer was shod in a little Devil hat and was more concerned with picking up gas station chicks then getting to the check point first.

oh boy

Teams Lexus and Lambo had some romantic bonding time together. This led to the Brothers Wu and the Lexus Ladies doing their best orgasm impressions over the radio. The best though was watching the faces of Mark and Julie Janos of Team HEMI Cuda. Hey Julie… feel a little uncomfortable sitting next to your Dad with porno sounds coming over the radio? Your face was priceless – I thought it was fuckin’ hilarious though.

Teams then arrived at their first checkpoint, got their route cards and proceeded to the next stop in Austin, NV. Now, this is where it started to get a bit interesting. Team Hummer took a chance on a 40 mile dirt road which would end up paying big dividends. Team Mustang was having a tough time as they were slowly running out of fuel. Being a classic car owner I know how this feels. You’re chugging along getting like 10 mpg with a little warning light constantly going off in the back of your head. It keeps you on a constant lookout for the closest fuel stop and is a really shitty feeling.

Austin, NV was a town of about 3 people which meant that Bullrun coming through was the biggest thing to ever happen to them. Teams got their new cards, got back on the road and headed out to the challenge checkpoint of Reno Fernly Raceway. Here they would do yet another challenge on the dirt. Guys… WTF? How about something on pavement, this dirt shit is getting old.

Remember that Team Hummer took that dirt road? Well it paid off because they came in first to the checkpoint. Team Mustang, due to their fuel problems came in last which meant they were automatically thrown in the Challenge along with Team BMW. Hummer then decided to throw Team Challenger into the challenge, but since they got the immunity wrench they gave a big “FU” to Team Hummer and proceeded to sit back down. Hummer then threw in Team Hemi Cuda. Mark Janos just stared out into open space with a blank look on his face. Seriously, does this guy ever smile?

The Challenge, called Sling Shot was held on the dirt oval of Reno Fernly Raceway. The objective was to blast through two semi tractors, past a police car and complete 3 full laps. Team Mustang went first and actually did pretty good considering it was Tony’s first time on the dirt. The old Stang’ got a little squirly but Tony did a pretty admirable job on the track despite what Goldberg said at the end. Next up was Team Hemi Cuda. Apparently Mark Janos is a hot shoe because the stunt coordinator had trouble keeping up with him. Mark blitzed the course in no time, but on the last lap got a bit overzealous and tagged the rear end of one of the semi’s thus crushing in his right front fender – good thing he owns a body shop. Last up, Team BMW. The happy siblings took to the course and did fairly well despite spinning the car. What I don’t understand is how they could have spun the car and still beat Team Mustang? Something here just doesn’t feel right to me.

Team Mustang

In the end Team Mustang ended up going home. Team BMW came in second and Hemi Cuda took the win. Tony / Kenny – Guys, I’m sorry to see ya’ll go. You guys were great to watch and I hope the show provided the adventure you were looking for.

Until next time… take care.

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8 Responses

  1. I love ride lust. Keep banging them out, boo!

  2. KevinD says:

    Nice review… well done

  3. Tony Intrieri says:


    We had a adventure and then some and thanks for not kicking us when we are down.

    The picture of Kenny choking me was on the way home. We just tossed the power steering belt (I had spares) thanks to shipping company that I think bent the pulley. There’s a new pulley on it now and all is right with the world.

  4. Squire says:

    Mike, I enjoy youre reviews and rooted you in season one, but how do you write a review of this episode without mentioning team lexus beating the lambo in a rolling drag?

  5. MrAngry says:

    Squire…. you are correct – My apologies

    Hey Tracy what the hell does that thing have in it anyway?

  6. PColalos says:

    Any comments on the Lexus ladies outrunning the Lambo on camera?

  7. You spelt my name wrong…..it’s Julia
    It’s ok I’ll forgive you this once.

  8. Squire says:

    I’m guessing, only because it is a Toyota product, a 2JZ-GTE with a massive turbo.