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Bullrun Season 3, Episode 4: Thunderdome

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Bullrun Episode 4

I know I’m late with this review but I was a busy man the last few days so just deal with it. Episode 4 of Bullrun starts out with the Brothers Wu getting screwed by another competitor. Someone actually had the balls (or lack there of for that matter) to actually call the cops on the Wu’s, because the Wu’s are better at playing the game then the rest of the cast. In my opinion, whomever called the cops is a f*ckin’ coward. How about instead of taking the pussy way out you just step up to the plate and learn how to better play the game. This had nothing to do with having a better ride, out thinking the other teams or being a better driver – it was just a dick move, plain and simple.

Bullrun Episode 4

Once everything got back on track the competitors got their route cards and headed for their first checkpoint at The Little College Cafe. The Wu’s, in their usual fashion used their little police episode to their advantage and not only got pinpoint directions to the first location but an escort out of town. We also saw some teams band together in a convoy. The logic was simple, either we all come in first or we all come in last. I understand it, but certainly don’t agree with it. The Lexus, Mini and Mustang all played follow the leader until Team Lexus forgot how to read a map and got everyone pissed off. Since the Wu’s had their cop directions handy, they simply followed the directions and got to the checkpoint first. Way to turn that frown upside down guys…

Checkpoint 2 led the contestants through the mountains and up through some pretty serious elevation to their destination of Lake Tahoe. This did not work out to well for Team Lexus as their car was having fuel issues at that height (9000 feet) and didn’t want to accelerate over 20 mph. Not only did they slow down Teams Mini and Mustang but their mechanical issues really began to get some tempers rising. My question is why the hell didn’t the other teams just go around them? Seriously, you should have left them for dead and headed out.

Bullrun Episode 4

Team Wu was once again first to the second checkpoint. Team BMW, who I must say, is doing quite well from a navigation standpoint, followed them closely. Teams Challenger, NSX and HEMI CUDA were also close behind. One thing that was very apparent on this leg was the scenery. Bullrun plans some amazing routes on roads that I am sure none of these guys will ever forget.

The last and final checkpoint was Carson City, NV where the teams would compete in a challenge called Thunderdome. Team NSX was lucky enough to come in first and thus gained immunity from the Challenge. Team Wu came in last, but as always, they went and got the immunity wrench, which meant they could sit it out as well. You then heard Goldberg yell at the teams for not going after the immunity. One thing you’ll notice is that every time Team Wu gets the immunity, they know they are far enough in front that no one will beat them to the punch. Case in point – they had so much time on this run that they stopped at the famed Bunny Ranch, got a drink and a lap dance and continued on their merry way.

Bullrun Episode 4

The last two teams into the checkpoint were Lexus and Mini. Team NSX then picked Team Hummer to round out the challenge cast. This was Team Hummers third time being entered in a challenge and in all honesty it’s getting old seeing them win all the time. I mean Lexus went up and immediately blamed the car. Granted it took a few extra seconds to start but even so, they were still snail trailing it through the course. Team Mini was up next and apparently forgot how to drive, as he couldn’t find 1st gears and she couldn’t fasten her seat belt – this I find amazing. Hell, the only person who actually kicked ass in the challenge was stunt Dude Matt Kutcher… he was driving that loader like he f*ckin’ stole it.

Otherwise the challenge was pretty uneventful. In the end Team Hummer won (again), Team Lexus just scraped by and Team Mini got the boot. So far the only drivers I’m really impressed with are Poppa Janos and Dave Putnam.

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