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Bullrun Season 3, Episode 2: Night Run.

Posted in Bullrun by MrAngry | February 26th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

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Last week on Episode 1 of Bullrun we saw the departure of Team VW. A failed starter left them stranded mid-way through the first challenge and unfortunately led to their demise. The story however doesn’t end there. It seems that exile from the show has caused these guys to go on a full-blown bender by evidence of the following Youtube video. Arron, owner of the VW and Bullrun super fan has apparently transformed himself from Mister Happy into CAPTAIN UNDA’ PANTS!

•• Warning – What you are about to see may be damaging to the eyes. Please take heed to wear the appropriate eye protection before viewing.

Anyway, lets move on to Episode 2. Eleven teams still remain in the quest for the Bullrun Trophy with leg one taking place at night. From experience I can tell you that these legs are the most difficult. On Season 1 we did multiple night legs and once you hit that 11pm mark, especially after 10 hours of shooting, you’re pretty well done. Fatigue sets in, you become drowsy and bad things begin to happen. I’ve done both the actual Bullrun Rally and the TV Show and I can safely say the filming of the show, from a fatigue standpoint wins hands down… it’s tough.

The first leg took the teams to San Luis Obispo, CA. While on the road teams continued to scheme and alliances began to form. Teams Mustang, Lexus and Corvette showed signs of a friendship, as did the NSX, Viper and Lamborghini. We also found out a little bit more about teams as the night progressed. Rob Harris from Team Mini was apparently a road race instructor at some point – a secret that’s been kept well hidden. I have a feeling that we’ll be able to see his talent soon enough because Team NSX seems to have it out for them.


Team Lexus is still trying to fly low which is smart and hopefully they can stay clean. The longer they stay out of the challenges, the longer that car stays in one piece and the less likely they are to go home. Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing Emilie rockin’ out with a striptease. I mean hell she said she’d do one if it meant getting the win and by just checking out her profile on the Bullrun site, it seems she’s got the goods to take it home.

It’s interesting to see that some teams seem to be a bit lackadaisical about their time – Team Hummer especially. They’re stopping for food, chatting up women… I mean men. Chris… Dude… next episode I want to see you throwin’ your mack down with the chicks ok? No more man stuff, and tell Dave to work on his navigation. I don’t want to see ya’ll go anyplace.

Eventually all the teams made it into the first checkpoint at San Luis Obispo. They got their cards and headed out for the second leg; next stop Lemoore, CA. and then onto Eagle Air Base in Firebaugh, CA. These last two legs finally saw the teams beginning to communicate with each other. Team NSX and Team Lambo seemed to be getting pretty tight as did Team Challenger and Team MINI.

As time progressed we saw Team Lambo up to their old tricks again. Baby Wu (Allen) was tearing down just about every sign in Team Lambo’s path in order to confuse everyone. Then, as time progressed they made a deal with Team NSX that they would go get the immunity wrench. Like I said last time, these guys are good and know how to play the game. The problem is that the better they play, the bigger that bulls-eye gets on their backs.

It was the wee hours of the morning before the teams started to arrive to their final destination of Eagle Field Air Base. They were beat-up and tired but they made it. Thus far Team Hemi Cuda has been pretty quiet. They’ve stayed low and kept out of site which is smart, but I think after tonight’s showing of coming in first other teams will now take notice of this quiet Father / Daughter Team. Oh… and buy the way, for those of you who think this is just a flashy show car, well, you’d be dead wrong. I have a feeling that good ole’ Mark is somewhat of a hot shoe behind the wheel and I truly can’t wait to see that Bad Fish of his kick some ass.

Now for the challenge; like I said, Team Hemi Cuda’ came in first, so they’re out and Team Lambo got the immunity, so they’re out too. Unfortunately though for Teams BMW and Corvette their times were at the bottom of the leader board which automatically enters them into the carnage. Since there also needed to be one more competitor Team Hemi Cuda’ had to choose. Mark doesn’t strike me as a guy that would do anything out of malice and I don’t think he did when he picked Team Hummer. His strategy was simple, pick the one car that could possibly beat him on the dirt, therefore Team Hummer was the one to go. The nice part was that Chris from Team Hummer took it like a man and said that this is why he was on this show – to step up, which is exactly what he did.

This challenge consisted of taking off from a dead stop, swinging around a barrel, dodging some flaming basketballs and then rolling up onto the ass end of a moving semi into water filled barrels. This is just the thing to keep that paint job in perfect shape.

Team Corvette went first and came out of the box like they were on fire. Bruno tossed that sucker sideways, didn’t flinch at the flaming balls and literally launched the Vette’ up onto the back of the trailer. It was actually pretty impressive to watch.

Next up was Jason and Kristina the brother and sister pair of Team BMW. These guys surprised me as not only did Jason step up to the plate, but he hit it out of the park by winning the challenge.

Last up was Team Hummer with David Putnam behind the wheel. The nice part about something like a Hummer is that it just goes over shit and never looks back. Sure it may be down on speed but what it lacks there it makes up for in brute force. David did well and wheeled that big blue bitch around the course in no time flat… this guy can drive.

In the end Team Corvette got the ax because of a little to much show-boating, Team Hummer came in second and Team BMW nailed it with the win. Season 3 is heating up to be a good one as viewers are now beginning to get a bit more comfortable with the remaining teams. As time goes on though, tension will form and alliances will be tested so stay tuned.

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  1. BOOM SHAKA LAKA! You go Em. Oh and can you say F WU for us in the next post. We would greatly appreciate it. Spanx and another good write up!

  2. SeaninNH says:

    Another great write up Mike! Can’t wait for the next one.