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Bullrun Season 3, Episode 1: The Beginning

Posted in Bullrun by MrAngry | February 19th, 2010 | 4 Responses |

Bullrun Season III Episode 1

Bullrun Season III is officially underway with one episode down. Over the last 2 seasons true fans of the show have seen it develop and pretty much know what to expect. We know there are going to be explosions, cool cars, some type of automotive carnage and of course, the Big Man himself: Goldberg. As a former contestant from Season 1 I think I have a pretty good idea of not only what to expect, but more importantly, what is going on in the heads of the contestants. Throughout the season I’ll not only be following the show, but I’ll give you my opinions on what I see on screen. These are things that you as a regular viewer might have missed.

Now to the contestants: you may or may not like what I am going to say about you at certain times. Some will get praise and others will get torched if the opportunity presents itself. If you’re like me, then in all honesty you won’t give a f*ck what anyone says about you, especially my big ass. I can tell you though that I am going to call it like I see it. If you act like a pussy then be prepared to be called on it, if you’re a rock star then so be it and if you’re down right sneaky bastards… you listening’ Wu’s… then you’ll get nailed on that too.

Also understand that I know editing plays a part, cause’ I’ve been there and I know you can get turned around – again, it’s part of reality TV so ya’ll best be prepared for it.

Bullrun Season III Episode 1

Now that all the legal disclaimer bullshit is out of the way, lets get onto Episode 1 of Bullrun Season III. Teams met at the headquarters of West Coast Customs in LA where they were introduced to each other and got a quick chance to view the other competitor cars. The rules were then explained slowly and clearly with on screen pop-ups for the viewers. Granted, this took a few extra minutes but I think it worked well for anyone who hasn’t seen the show before. It also explained new additions such as the immunity cards and the rules for elimination. I think the immunity cards are a great idea and offer an unexpected variable that can be cycled into the game similar to the time bonuses in Season 1.

Once the flag dropped all the teams seemed to have been met with the same shitty LA traffic that everyone on the West Coast has come to know and love. This gave them a bit of time to try and figure out how to get to their first checkpoint – The Airplane Graveyard in Mojave. While sucking down carbon monoxide fumes the teams began to strategize as to how to get ahead in the competition. Now this part is tough because as a contestant you simply have no idea what lies ahead of you. Your mind is trying to play out every scenario, but in the end you simply can’t… it’s a total mind-f*ck that can really make you over think things if you’re not careful.

Bullrun Season III Episode 1

Because of their local knowledge Team Wu was able to get out in front of the pack early on and make the decision to go for the immunity card. This however, is where things begin to get tricky. Apparently the Wu’s, sneaky bastards that they are (I do like them though), were able to make up false immunity cards along their route and when they reached the immunity checkpoint they switched out the real immunity item (a wrench) for the cards. The Lexus Ladies also got smart and utilized a strangers GPS phone to get them moving. This was a good move, as I like to see teams thinking outside the box.

Now, some of you are going to bitch about the Wu’s and say it wasn’t fair and that they cheated. Let me tell ya’ll something – THERE IS TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS on the line and because of this I can’t fault them. Looking back on Season 1 I can safely say there are SO many things we would have done differently. You only get one shot at the cash and the Wu’s fired the first bullet. Remember, you’re not here to make friends; you’re here to win money, a lot of it.

As the camera’s rolled we also got a chance to see inside the Teams cars and get a little better acquainted with them. First impressions of the Teams dictate the following: The guys from Team Hummer have mastered and brought back the lost art of pop-lockin’, Sylvia Cartwright from the Great State of Texas will slit your throat clean open if given the opportunity, and Ryan and Nick in the NSX are just trying to fly low and under the radar. That was actually really similar to what myself and Big Jim did, it worked out well too. We also learned that the Bimmer-twins are hard up for cash, the Challenger Guys are navigationally challenged but positive in the face of adversity and the VW Bug isn’t really that reliable. I think that was it.

Anyway, moving forward. Team Wu actually got to the checkpoint ahead of everyone but laid back to let Team Viper take the win. This unfortunately put them in somewhat of a bad position, as they would now have to choose someone to go into the first challenge. Team Challenger and Team VW unfortunately came in the bottom two spots. Team VW however thought they had the immunity card, but as it turns out, because of Team Wu’s sneakiness, they got the shaft.

Bullrun Season III Episode 1

Since all the teams were now safely at the Airplane Graveyard (awesome location by the way) it was time for the challenge to take place. Jet Rescue was set up so that both teammates would have to drive. Leg one saw the first driver speed around a dirt course, run into and old airplane, and basically set his partner free. They would then swap places and continue through the course to the stop box at the end.

This is where it got sticky for Team Viper. I can completely understand them not wanting to put anyone in a challenge. It’s day one, you’re all still wearing fresh underpants and you don’t want to piss anyone off yet. However, it’s part of the game so someone’s gotta go. They chose Team Mustang. I’ll be honest; these guys wouldn’t have been my first choice. It’s an old car that’s basically stock and really didn’t seem like a mechanical threat to them. They did however say though, that they didn’t know them that well and that was the reason they put them in. I can understand that, so once again, I can’t fault them for their choice. If it were me though, I would’ve put one of the bone stock cars like the Mini or the BMW in and just hope they didn’t know how to drive. For those of you going forward, always remember, the more modified a car is, the more likely it’s going to break down so get the good ones out of the way early.

Bullrun Season III Episode 1

Team Mustang took off first and I’ll be honest, their pace looked PAINFULLY SLOW. Guys… was there a reason for this? If so let me know because on screen you guys looked like you were towing Kirstie Alley behind you. Next up saw Team VW met with more problems. Upon re-entrance to the car, their starter crapped out and put them even farther down in the time standings. Last up was Team Challenger. These guys nailed it and in the process dug themselves out of a very big hole – way to go guys.

Bullrun Season III Episode 1

In the end Team VW ended up getting eliminated and well… that just sucked. Guys, I have to tell ya’ that I was really sorry to see ya’ll all go, especially so early in the game. You guys were the true super fans and I was rootin’ for ya’ cause I know you busted your asses to get there.

But, like it was stated in the beginning, it’s a game. Someone has to win and some one has to lose, it just sucks to be the first ones gone.

Cheers Guys and see ya’ll next week.

Angry Out.

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4 Responses

  1. Good read. I love your blogs as much as when you call me a douche as when you call me smart :D Keep em coming and please keep cussing. Makes me feel at home.

  2. Trev , 1971 Trans Am says:

    once again great blog mike. one thing about the challenge though i thought, i just seemed like it was nothing to it. it didnt really test any skill of the driver or the team.

  3. Tony Intrieri says:

    Mike check your Facebook messages.

    Thanks Mach 1

  4. Ty says:

    I thought Team VW needed to go… can’t stand whiners nor bad mullets! Team VW had one of each IMO! Love the blog Mike!!!