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Bullrun is back: Season 3 Premieres this Thursday!

Posted in Bullrun by MrAngry | February 15th, 2010 | 10 Responses |


Way back in 2007 I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to participate in something that very few people get to be a part of – a reality show. The name of the show was “Bullrun”, hosted by Bill Goldberg and it was based on the cross-country road rally that carried the same name. 12 teams of two individuals and their automobiles, rallied 4000 miles through the continental United States competing for a chance at $200,000. Along the way we encountered everything from breakdowns to obstacles to dealing with the other teams. It was a wild ride and I have experiences that I’ll never forget… neither will my car for that matter. It’s now 3 years later and Bullrun is getting ready to premier its 3rd Season. Season 1 was shown on Spike TV, with seasons 2 and now 3 on Speed TV.

Season 1 Cast

Bullrun Season 1

Season 1 was a big budget ordeal and was like being on a movie set day in and day out for 3 weeks. With 200 people and 20 trucks it was complete chaos, but in the end they produced a show that I was very happy to be a part of.

Season 2 Cast

Bullrun Season 2

Season 2 premiered on Speed TV on February 19, 2009 and immediately the quality of the shoot seemed to have been downgraded. Camera and picture quality was down as were the computer-generated clips that tied a lot of Season 1 together. From an action standpoint though it was completely nuts. Two cars were totaled and the challenges were bigger and more outlandish.

Fast forward now to February 12, 2010 – one week before the official premier of the 3rd season. This year the boys at Bullrun seem to be taking a different approach as they are setting the tone early for a season that looks to be filled with high-octane action and speed. A 30 minute “Bullrun Survival Guide” was shown this past Friday and damn if they didn’t hit the nail on the head with it. I have a feeling that the 3rd times a charm for the Bullrun guys as they’ve probably got most of the kinks out of the production. Camera’s and equipment all look to be top shelf this year as does the casting, so as of right now it looks as though they are definitely headed down the right road. The 30 minute survival guide was a great way to not only introduce the teams, their cars and the challenges, but it gave first time viewers and loyal fans a little insight as to what is to come in the 3rd season – this was a very cool way to get people excited.

Ok then… lets get to the teams of Season 3 and their rides.

Team 04 – 2006 Mini Cooper Convertible


The Bullrun guys are great at casting, they always have been and I have a feeling that these two Texan’s may surprise a few people. My only concern is that they may be too nice for Bullrun, at least that’s how they come off. As for the car, well… I think it’s going to kick some serious ass if Cowboy Jack can drive it and is willing to take some chances. It’s bone reliable, handles like a go-kart and gets great gas mileage. Those are HUGE assets to have on this show.

Team 02 – VW


I am very much looking forward to seeing these guys run. First off, my boy’s sportin’ a Mullet, so he gets big props right off the bat for that. Secondly, they went old school with the VW, then modified the shit out of it to make it a total sleeper. On top of that, they brought Matthew with them, I know this kid and he’s good stuff. This was a huge plus for TEAM VW, as I believe that Matthew will be carrying some good luck juju with him. If I had one concern about the VW it’s the airbag suspension. I’ve just seen to many problems over the years with it. Otherwise I’m rootin’ for these guys right out of the box.

Team 09 – BMW 335i


A brother and sister team in a bone stock 335i. This is a great car on all fronts as it truly does everything well, HOWEVER – and this is HUGE… it’s LEASED!! Dude, are you flippin’ nuts. I sincerely hope BMW NA isn’t watching or you’re screwed BIGTIME! Good luck though kids…

Team 01 – Challenger R/T


Hmm… I don’t have too much of a vibe on these guys yet as they just seem like two regular Dudes from Texas. The new Challenger is a great car but a little bit of a chubby chub when pushed hard. It’s no lightweight, but like all the other non-modified cars, it should be stone reliable and comfortable to drive.

Team 08 – 1987 Corvette


So let me get this straight. We’ve got a skinny French Dude, driving a big American Corvette with his little Asian co-driver girlfriend… well, shit… these guys should be a hoot to watch if they don’t wind up in couples counseling first.

Team 06 – 1973 Barracuda


What we have here is a beautiful classic pro-touring car and I can tell you from just looking at it, that this gentleman has spent BIG MONEY putting it together. Believe me, I know what these things cost and that right there may be a big factor in how hard he is willing to push it. You see Mopar = money… but broken MOPAR = HUGE “OH SHIT I BROKE IT” type money… hopefully they didn’t hurt the car. Hey Goldberg, please tell me they didn’t hurt the car!

Team 07 – HUMMER


Take one H3 Hummer, add in one little Black Dude with a White Co-driver and you’ve got comedy gold. Hell, these guys should probably get their own show right now with the Mexican’s from Season 1… HEY CAESAR! RALPH!! Where you boys at? I’ve got an opportunity for you!

Team 10… I mean TEAM WU – Lamborghini


Bill and Alan Wu… were do I even start with these guys. You see that Lamborghini they’re driving should be the last thing the other teams should be thinking about. Running with Bill and Alan is like trying to catch a chicken with a bottle rocket in it’s ass… it’s REALLY F*CKIN’ HARD. These guys have experience, knowledge and best of all, they know how to play the game. I am SO looking forward to seeing how they screw with the other teams, because I’ll tell ya’ from first hand experience, they’re really good at it.

Team 05 – Lexus


What we have here are two chicks in a hopped up Lexus that seem to have a chip on their shoulder. First off, don’t run around telling people you’re a former professional racecar driver because if you lose, you’ll look like a douche. Second, Bullrun is only partly about driver skill. There is still navigation, fuel economy and let us not forget the psychological aspect. I don’t know much about you except to say that I hope your girl scout co-driver can navigate and that you really can do all that driver stuff you claim, because in the end, that’s what separates the men…errr… woman from the boys.

Team 12 – Mustang


These guys I like… there I said it. I’ll give anyone initial props for bringing a piece of classic iron to the party. I just hope that the car isn’t too nice and prevents these guys from stepping it up when the time comes. I also REALLY hope that that carburetor of theirs didn’t give them any trouble – I have first hand experience with that and lets just say it’s not fun.

Team 04 – Acura NSX


Hopefully these guys do well, because I think I’d like to like them if that makes any sense. They just seem like two good guys who are into the car hobby and want to have some fun. As for the car – if they have to drive on dirt that pretty VeilSide body kit will be scrap as soon as they hit their first rough patch.

Team 03 – Dodge Viper


Why is it that just from their intro footage I am having flashbacks to Team EVO from Season II. They just come across as being way to cocky. Yes, that Viper is fast but it’s going to have the same problem as the other super cars when it hits the dirt. I just hope the carnage isn’t too bad.

There you have it, all the teams from Season 3 of Bullrun. The premier airs this coming Thursday evening on Speed TV so make sure to check your local listings. I’ll be doing follow-up blogs and giving you my take after the episodes air, so check back the following morning for some new information.

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10 Responses

  1. Matthew Hayhurst says:

    The show is going to rock the house! Nice review Mike!!! Thanks for the shout out when you were talking about the VW!!! I can’t wait to watch myself (in doll form) Ridin’ on the front of the Bug! That is hilarious man!

    -Matthew Hayhurst

  2. Tony Intrieri says:

    Thanks for for the support Mr. Angry!

    Tony Team Mach 1 (aka Team Mustang)

  3. Mr. Angry! Nice write up. Gotta tell you my dad really likes your car….He’s talked about you a lot and wanted to get license plates like yours for the cuda :)

    Good job!!

  4. Trev , 1971 Trans Am says:

    Mr. Angry, I always like reading your blogs. And for the most part i agree with all that you said. But i definetly dont think bullrun has all the kinks out yet. I heard cars didnt even show up on time to start the rally ! but i think they will make up for that in the end. Im really looking foward to watching it.

    and is there any news on the Motherlode rally ?

  5. Mopar Rob says:

    Mike, great write-up man! Season 3 looks to be “ONE HELLUVA RIDE !” Season 1, it was easy to pic a favorite. Season 3 is gonna be hard to just pick one!

    Mopar Rob (Team: Charger Daytona)

  6. TeamGTO says:

    Awesome synopsis. I felt the same way about season 2… something just felt off with the show. Bring back the time bonuses…

    Matthew is turnin into a lil supastah!

    Good Read Mike!

  7. skinny french guy says:

    What do you mean by Hoot to watch? My english isn’t that sharp…
    Nice article by the way…

  8. TJ Fry says:

    I can tell you from experience, they most definitely DO NOT have all the kinks worked out of the production. But the show will come together. I have faith in them to do that well.

  9. joe low says:

    team “wu”{lambo} are nice not just because i love lambos but theyre samrt they chill after getting immunity and have a good tiem unlike some other teams cof cof lexus cof cof.