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Bullrun is Back on MTV2!

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2011 Bullrun Rally

Well Ladies and Gentleman, Bullrun is back, but this time it’s not what you think. Some of you may remember the now defunct Bullrun reality show that pitted contestants in a group of challenges for a huge grand prize. What you are about to view in this trailer however is a bit different. You see this is the real Bullrun Rally that took place in 2011 running from Las Vegas, NV to Miami, FL which means that it’s not only full of rally regulars, but a few celebrities as well. Air times are 11:30 pm PST Thursday, January 26th which is 2:30 am EST on Friday, January 27th. Now granted I know it’s late, but who cares? This is the digital age so make sure to set those DVR’s!

Source: Youtube.com

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