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Bullrun: Day 5 Video – Colorado, Super Speeders and believe or not, a Leper.

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Day 5 of the 2010 Bullrun Rally introduces us to Shivam the Leper, Mark from Team Limo who is soon to appear on the TV show “COPS” and Telluride, CO. Host Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire seems to be getting his voice back and looks to be in a little bit better shape then he was in the beginning of the week. It’s interesting, but in this rally I’ve been hearing about more tickets than ever before, and it seems as though guys are getting busted every other mile. The goal of the rally is to navigate and make time to the next checkpoint, apparently though some of these guys are really pushing the limits. I also have to give Matt and the guys props and you should too when you think about what they’re doing. Driving between 400-600 miles per day, shooting video and then at the end of the evening they’re making a great 7-10 minute video so as to fill us in on what’s going on out there on the open road. They’re doing a great job and with only two days left of Bullrun 2010 I’m curious to know what other mayhem they’re going to get into.

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