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Bullrun 2012 Gets Ready to Roll!

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Bullrun 2012

Well it’s that time of year again, time for another running of the Bullrun Rally. The Bullrun Rally brings together 100 of the wildest and most dedicated petrol-heads in the world for a week long adventure that covers over 3,000 miles. That means 6 days of driving, 6 days of parties and 6 days of hanging out with some of the best people you’re ever likely to meet. This years rally will take competitors on a 3,000 mile loop that starts and finishes in Los Angeles, CA. During that time competitors will be treated to 5-star hotels, gourmet meals, track events and roads that are so spectacular that they must be seen to be believed.

Source: Bullrun.com

This years Bullrun is scheduled to start this coming Saturday, June 23rd with rally registration being held on the 22nd, so if you’re thinking of going you’d better get to it. I’ve personally done Bullrun 3 times, which means I can tell you from experience that this IS the best time you can have in a car with your clothes on!

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