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Bulllrun Season 3, Behind the Scenes: Episode 7

Posted in Bullrun by MrAngry | April 10th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Bulllrun Season 3 Behind the Scenes: Episode 7

I gave you guys a full review of Bulllrun Season 3, Episode 7 yesterday and found it only fitting that I post a little behind-the-scenes footage this afternoon. You’re watching stunt coordinator Matt Kutcher and Smoking Tire host, Matt Farah running through the Kidnap challenge course that the contestants ran on Thursday evening. When watching the show what you don’t see is the amount of preparation that goes on before hand to make sure these stunts go according to planned. Take a look at the background while watching the video and notice how many people are actually involved in pulling this off properly. The scope and sheer size of the production is actually quite amazing.

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