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Bullet Biker Traveling 100+mph Collides With Ford Expedition, Was Just “Doing It Like They Do In Video Games”

Posted in Newsworthy, Racing by Suzanne Denbow | August 21st, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Today’s newest inductee to the Hall of Dumbass Video Game players comes to us courtesy of the Utah Sheriff’s Department. In Corinne, Utah, a deputy’s dashcam recorded a man on a Bullet motorcycle, sans helmet, skyrocketing by his cruiser at speeds in excess of 100mph.

By the time the officer had executed a u-turn to pursue the biker, the man had already lost control of the motorcycle, sliding underneath the front end of a green Ford Expedition.

The collision sparked a fire that engulfed the entire front end of the Expedition, leaving barely enough time for the passengers of the vehicle to rescue themselves and their children from inside. The biker, who apparently fled on foot from the scene, was apprehended 1,000 yards away with little more than a slight road rash. When asked for a reason behind his reckless behavior, the man apparently explained that he was living out a “real-life video game experience.” We here at RideLust would like to formally nominate this young man for Lucky Dumbshit Of The Day.

Video Footage From CNN

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