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Bugatti’s management considering a second, cheaper follow-up to the Veyron

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Bugatti Veyron

For anyone fearing that the sun may set on their dream of owning a new Bugatti Veyron before they are able to build up their super car budget maybe a lesser alternative is on its way. Upper management with Bugatti and its parent company Volkswagen AG are looking to recoup more of that initial R&D investment and some alternatives could be in the works. After investing something in the US Dollar close to $500 million to build and design the car, and with a limited production number of 300, Bugatti is losing money on the deal. That $1.4 million window sticker, according to costs, should really be a $5 million sticker.

Bugatti has a couple options on the table and both could yield some extra return to make it all profitable. The first would be to make a limited production run of a convertible Veyron. Some more work would have to go into the design and engineering of the car to get there, but that could still help bring in more money and more buyers. The other option would be to build a second model based on the same technologies.

Bugatti is reportedly looking into building a second model that is a bit smaller, probably not a record setter, and would sell for half the price. A production car that sold at half the price could allow for a larger run of cars, but do not go looking for a run in the thousands. Selling at $700,000 the follow-up to the Bugatti Veyron would still be a specialty auto and would require still some specialty budgeting.

As I was told years ago, “if you have to ask how much it costs… you can’t afford it.”


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