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Bugatti Veyron Vs Jet Fighter Drag Race Video

Posted in Bugatti, Car Stunts, Expensive Cars, Videos by Alan Harten | July 29th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

It would be every 12 year old pubescent boys dream come true, a flat out drag race between the world’s fastest production sports car and a state of the art military jet fighter. Well maybe it’s every pubescent 45 year old boys dream come true as well.

The British TV show Top Gear decided to put the Bugatti Veyron into the ultimate test of supercar power. It had been raced before against the Mclaren SLR, the Yamaha R1 and the Audi R8, but this is the real test against a 27,000 bhp killing machine.

The fighter chosen was the RAF’s Eurofighter Typhoon, a twin-engine canard-delta strike fighter multi-role combat aircraft that has proved it’s self by scrambling to intercept a Russian Tupolev Tu-95 invading British airspace.

It seems like a no-brainer the incredible thrust of the massive twin engines should leave the Bugatti Veyron looking up its after-burner. But there’s a catch, the race is flat out down a runway for one mile. But at the end the car must pull a u-turn and race back to the starting line … and so does the jet.

The Bugatti Veyron is well equipped with a W-16 engine that’s two V6’s nailed together with 16-cylinders that can put out an astonishing 1001 bhp and propel the car at jet like speed for 0 to100mph in just 5.6 seconds, 0 to 60 takes just 2.4 cheek crushing seconds.

TopGear presenter Richard Hammond must race the mile down the runway as fast as he can, then make a “legal” u-turn without running off the end, and race back. The jet pilot has to pull the fighter straight up at the end of the runway climb as rapidly as he can to his turning height of one mile then slam the plane back towards the ground and level out to cover the length of the runway back to the starting line.

The tale of the tape

Bugatti Veyron

Eurofighter Typhoon


$1.8 million

$134 million

Fuel consumption


18 Gallons per mile

Top Speed

253 MPH

1,500 MPH





W16 (=2xV8)

2X EJ200 afterburner turbos


4,160 lb

51,809 lb

Machine Gun


1x 27 mm Mauser BK-27 cannon

Air-to-Ground missiles



Optional Blonde Supermodel



Now place your bets on who will win this ultimate boys drag race

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2 Responses

  1. BugattiBoy89 says:

    I think the bugatti will win u azzholes