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Bugatti Galibier: For The Family-Minded Hustler


Sure, cruising the dusty streets of Dubai in your Veyron Grand Sport 16.4 with your chief harem girl is fun for a while, but even the most lascivious playboy eventually feels the need to settle down. Unfortunately, just as one cannot turn a ho into a housewife, neither can one rely on a Grand Sport 16.4 to accommodate the needs of a growing family. Thus, enter the Bugatti Galibier. Prematurely leaked under the name Bordeaux, the Galibier concept that debuted today marks the first we’ve seen of the new 4-door Bugatti outside of grainy teaser shots. Like your slightly less attractive yet far more nurturing wife, the 4-door Galibier works hard to provide all the white-knuckle thrills of the sleeker, smaller Veyron while simultaneously providing a more responsible, utilitarian supercar.

Power is generated by Bugatti’s famed 8.0L W16, which conservative estimates rate at 987 bhp and 922 lb-ft of torque (Bugatti themselves insist output hovers around upwards of 1,010 bhp). Partly to compensate for the heft added by the two extra doors, the Galibier’s bonnet, roof, and rear fender flares are all crafted using a midnight blue carbon fiber weave, which is complimented nicely by the polished aluminum cladding. As is the industry standard for concept vehicles, raw performance stats have yet to be published, but given that the Galibier’s top speed (217 miles per hour) lags noticeably behind the Veyron’s (253 mph), we expect the final numbers to be similarly more sedate.

Bottom line: think Prince Rashid bin El Hassan meets Robert Reed.

Source: AutoBlog

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  1. Dustin May says:

    Surprisingly, I don’t hate it. It’s over the top, but in the same way the Veyron is over the top for a coupe. Some people are going to ask why you need a sedan that can go 217 mph and put out the same power as 5 1980 Audi ur-Quattros. I would ask, “Why not?”

    Why not have some style while taking the family to the movie theater? Why not be able to race the kid in his daddy’s M5 from the light on the way to church? Why not draw that look of disapproval from your wife’s eyes not by spending too much time at the bar with your work buddies, but just by nudging the throttle a quarter of an inch? Why not, I ask!