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Buel Is Gone, But Ronin Fights On

Posted in Motorcycle by Kurt Ernst | March 12th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |
Magpul Ronin

Photo: Magpul Industries

Buell Motorcycles closed its doors in 2009, a victim of declining sales and corporate indifference from parent company Harley Davidson. Buell may be out of business, but the motorcycles live on, both in AMA Racing and in the design study you see here.

Magpul Industries, maker of accessories for the AR-15 and other assault rifles, felt that many of their customers shared dual passions for shooting and for motorcycles. Originally conceived as a promotional tool, the bike you see here started life as a Buell 1125R. Magpul added their styling ideas and crafted parts to convert the 1125R into a futuristic, bad-ass streetfighter concept. It was christened “Ronin” after the demise of Buell Motorcycles; in Japanese history, a Ronin is a Samurai who’s lost his master.

Magpul Ronin

Photo: Magpul Industries

The styling is certainly edgy, and borrows elements (like the rigid appearing forks) from the Confederate Wraith. I’m not sure about the front lighting, which looks more like a bug zapper than a headlight. It also appears to serve double duty as a radiator, which only contributes to the odd appearance of the front end.

Magpul is calling the Ronin an experimental project, and remains non-committal on sales of components or completed motorcycles. I’d certainly like to see Erik Buell’s innovative ideas live on, and the Ronin seems like a fitting platform for a limited production streetfighter. I say build it.

Source: Magpul

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