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Bud Lindemann Reviews The 1972 Starcraft Starcruiser RV

Posted in Bizarre, Funny Videos, Recreational Vehicles, Videos by Kurt Ernst | November 7th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

This video is chock full of retro 1970s goodness, from Bud’s bizarrely patterned shirt to the avocado colored bathroom in the Starcruiser RV. It will remind you why we left these things behind, or make you wonder what the hell people were thinking 40 years ago. As for the review, Bud takes us through the 1972 Starcraft Starcruiser RV, perhaps the ugliest thing to ever roll off an assembly line. It looks like a cross between a vintage city bus and a catfish, and if Bud is to be believed it handles about the same. Inside is also filled to the brim with ugly, so be sure to put your taste away before you watch this classic road test.

The Starcruiser was powered by a 318 cubic inch Dodge motor that probably made less than 200 horsepower while sucking down leaded gas like Kirstie Alley sucks down bon-bons. Surprisingly, Bud found the “cottage on a truck chassis” to be ill handling, partially do its size and “inadequate” suspension system. I wondered why I never saw too many of these on the roads, even in the 80s, but Bud’s assessment was probably right. With “handling like a Wells Fargo Stagecoach”, I can’t imagine that owners kept these things longer than the last payment. That is, of course, assuming they didn’t die behind the wheel.

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