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Brute Truck Conversion Kit For Jeep Wrangler

Posted in Concept Cars, Conversion Kits, Custom, Design, Jeep, Off-Roading, Trucks by Geoff | November 8th, 2008 | 8 Responses |

In light of the economic instability in the auto industry, anyone looking forward to a new Jeep truck will probably be waiting a long time.  But there is an alternative available in the form of the Brute Jeep pickup conversion from AEV (American Expedition Vehicles).  Offered for sale either as a complete set or as separate components, the kit is a Chrysler Design Excellence Award winning package of parts that transforms a standard Wrangler into a truck that looks like it has just rolled out of Detroit.  Check out more pics of the Brute below. 

Looking a little like the old Jeep Scrambler or Gladiator concept, the conversion incorporates a new rear tub section and a steel truck bed on a stretched, 117.4-inch wheelbase. The kit can be applied to any ’97-’06 Jeep Wrangler TJ, including Unlimited, Rubicon, and righthand-drive models.  Conversion is relatively easy given that 90% of the kit is shipped to a buyer already assembled.  In fact, AEV estimates a assembly time to be around 60 hours, which means that prepping and painting your new truck my be the most difficult task.  Complete kit components include midframe extensions, a cab close-out assembly, CNC-bent fuel and brake lines, an OE-style wiring harness, new rear body/bed mounts, a rear frame extension with a winch mount, a 72x59x17 inch bed assembly made of 14 guage stamped steel and a half-cab hardtop made from injection-molded composite material with dual overhead skylights and increased headroom.

AEV first premiered the Brute Concept Vehicle in 2002 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Following a DaimlerChrysler Design Excellence Award, the company built a a limited number of Brutes in the following years before redesigning the vehicle so it could be offered in kit form. Significant alterations from the concept Brute included a redesigned stamped-steel bed and an all-new hardtop with increased headroom inside the cab. A frame-extension kit was also created to stretch the frame 24 inches, and a rear frame-extension kit with an integral winch mount and bumper was designed to add further support to the bed assembly. The rear frame extension and bed assembly create a 15-inch overhang, yet rear departure angle is virtually unchanged from stock.  Not including labor and paint, the complete kit costs a little less than $9,000.

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8 Responses

  1. Richard Hamilton says:

    Why can’t Chrysler design a tough North American military Jeep. In Canada we buy Mercedes troop vehicles. Why can’t we buy from our own country?

  2. Geoff says:

    I think alot of people would settle for just a regular production Wrangler truck, forget military spec.

  3. scott morris says:

    i think it would be a great idea iknow i would buy one in a heartbeat. also i was wondering how hard it is and how much it costs for the conversion kit?

  4. TheChrisCooperative says:

    The kit costs about $9,000 plus shipping (https://secure.aev-conversions.com/store/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=41003022AA), which puts it a little bit out of my price range.

    Been looking into doing it myself with an old beater truck, just haven’t committed to it.

  5. Steve says:

    how can i get a jeep brute

  6. Va Yang says:

    Where can i find a BRUTE truck kit for a 91 YJ wrangler?

  7. Marc says:

    Love the Jeep truck. Can a finished one be purchased? If so, what is purchase price?

  8. Nic have k Skatell says:

    would like info re Brute conversion kit. I have 2000 jeep wrangler.