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British Drift Championship: By Stephen Brooks Films.

Posted in Drifting, driving, Racing, Rally, Videos by MrAngry | November 20th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

I find it amazing that human beings can sometimes see the same event in so many different ways. Take this video of the British Drift Championship as filmed by Stephen Brooks films. Some of us see it for exactly what it is, and for us, that’s all it will ever be. Then there are those who possess the vision and scope to take a visual experience and enhance it, so that we as the viewer see it in a whole different light. By combining slow motion video, narration and sound clips by Al Pacino and some good old fashion rock and roll music together with wickedly quick cars, Stephen Brooks has created one of the best drift videos I have seen to date. Coming in at about 4 minutes, 40 seconds I can almost guarantee that this will be the best thing you see today.

Source: RalfBecker.com

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