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British Company Introduces New Method of Bio-Fuel Production, U.S. Just Smiles Indulgently

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British company, Ineos, is claiming to have devised the first method for producing ethanol from dry waste. Or in other words: here’s another example of Britain not really keeping up with the rest of the class. Boasting that they can produce 90 gallons of ethanol per every 1 ton of dry waste, Ineos’ method of converting organic/commercial dry solid waste into ethanol is nothing new.

The United States is already home to BlueFire Ethanol, the only established company that has successfully produced ethanol using the waste-to-ethanol, Concentrated Acid Hydrolysis method. Essentially, In addition, the United States has also been the largest ethanol fuel producer in the world since 2005 and currently accounts for 69% of global production.

Since Britain was obviously not paying attention to the lesson, they apparently also missed the part where studies by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development indicted that the use of ethanol/bio-fuel isn’t really making the siignificant impact on carbon dioxide emissions originally hoped for. It has, however, successfully proven to really [aggressively fornicate] with small engines.

Either undeterred or unaware, Ineos has announced that it is now open for business discussion with both the United States and Canada, and hopes to begin commercial production by 2010.

[Source: The Times]

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