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Bright Automotive Readies Gas-Electric Hybrid For International Debut

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Indiana-based, fledgling automotive engineering company Bright Automotive is poised to make a big entrance into the independent automaker fray with the introduction of their new gas-electric plug-in hybrid vehicle. Scheduled to officially debut in May at the Electric Vehicle Symposium in Norway, Bright Automotive’s hybrid was built completely from scratch and uses technology that was developed completely in-house. As to exactly what kind of technology – that’s anyone’s guess. Remaining purposely cryptic, Vice President of Marketing Lyle Shuey would only confirm that Bright was “looking at multiple battery cell technologies around the world” to power the hybrid, and that the final production version is expected to have a full range of 400 miles per charge.

Although Bright Shuey declined to comment on exactly how much the Bright hybrid would cost, he did stress that affordability was one of Bright’s primary objectives. To achieve cost-effectiveness, Shuey described Bright’s methodology, leaving us with a foreboding feeling of dread as to the size of Bright’s hybrid. “In order to make a plug-in hybrid cost-effective, a person must look at the entire vehicle structure,” explained Shuey. “The aerodynamics, all the platform efficiencies, and the most important thing is mass. Every gram of mass increases the size and cost of the battery.”

Well, the good news is that it probably won’t be big enough to even remotely resemble the Toyota Prius…

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