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Breaking News: NASCAR Puts Carl Edwards on Probation

Posted in General, NASCAR, Racing by Kurt Ernst | March 9th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Carl Edwards has been placed on a three race probation for his deliberate punting of Brad Keselowski in last Sunday’s Kobalt Tools 500. Edwards was not fined, suspended or docked points for Sunday’s crash.

Per NASCAR president Mike Helton, “We made it clear to Carl that this wasn’t acceptable (behavior), that it went beyond what we said in January about letting drivers police themselves.” Helton went on to say, “We parked Carl (after Sunday’s incident) and gave him the three race probation for what he did.”

Which means nothing, really. What comes after a three race probation? A three race double secret probation? A rap across the knuckles with a wooden ruler? Dollar off coupons at Arby’s restaurants? Because I’m a little unsure that any punishment was actually handed down. I get it, you want drivers to police themselves and you don’t want to punish them for hard racing. If that’s the case, don’t even bother with going through the motions on disciplining drivers who break the rules. It makes for exciting racing, right up until a driver, spectator or track worker gets killed. By that time it’s a little late to rethink your position on overly aggressive driving.

Source: AutoWeek

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