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BREAKING: Confirmed Plans To Produce Environmentally-Friendly Honda NSX

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A few months ago Honda aficionado’s were buzzing over spy shots of the resurrected NSX carving corners around the Nurburgring, with rumors of a GTR-killing V10 under the hood. But a poor economic climate nixed that great return. Or so we thought.

Sources from 7Tune.com have reported that the NSX will indeed be produced, although Honda’s focus for the car has substantially shifted away from world-class supercar benchmarks towards more environmentally-friendly purposes. Instead of the GTR, the “Super Hybrids Sports” NSX will be a direct competitor with Toyota’s FT-HS hybrid sports car, another performance nameplate reslated as a green car to take advantage of an increasingly petrol-phobic market.

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Instead of a V10, the new NSX will make use of a next generation “valveless throttle” 3.5L V6 coupled with a hybrid system (predictably from the Legend/Acura RL) to produce around 450HP. But if Honda hopes to take the fuel-efficiency crown from the FT-HS, it will have to solve some pesky weight problems resulting from the use of the SH-AWD bolted to the aluminum platform as well as a rear transaxle similar to the GTR.

Whatever the final product will look and drive like remains to be seen, as the previously announced 2010 release date will no doubt be delayed at least a year.

Pricing has also not been confirmed, not even in ball park estimates. So the NSX falls under similar scrutiny as the Tesla and other green-spun sports cars: Will the car be fun enough and efficient enough to justify its premium price tag? It’s a question most middle classers will have to ask in the hypothetical.

SOURCE: 7tune.com

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