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Brazilian Volkswagen-amino is Strangely Lust-Worthy

Posted in Cars, Foreign Cars, New Cars, Trucks, Volkswagen by Alex Kierstein | August 24th, 2009 | 10 Responses |


You’re looking at the newest version of the Brazilian-built Volkswagen Saveiro, a FWD trucklet that is bizarrely enticing. A little background: Brazil has a long history of building their own versions of VW products, like those impossibly awkward VW Foxes that were imported into the US. Well, that car was called the Gol (both Spanish and Portuguese for “goal”) back home in Brazil, and the pickup version of the Gol is, you guessed it, the Saveiro. Unfortunately it’s a South America-only proposition, but we kind of like it anyways …

front 34

This generation of the Gol/Saverio shares most of its underpinnings with the current-generation Polo, so it technically shares that car’s potential to be a decent driver. That being said, it seems clear from the rear ride height that the suspension has probably been adapted to carry a load. Still, this thing has a lot of potential, and we can’t help but think that VW could probably sell a few of these things in the states packing a TDI (or even cooler, a twincharger TSI) motor.

rear 34

[Source: World Car Fans]

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10 Responses

  1. Henry says:

    It’s sad that you’re trying to imitate Jalopnik and failing hugely. It’s Volkswagen-AMINO, not Volkswagen-amnio! Do you guys even know what it means??

  2. Alex Kierstein says:

    I’m not sure how accidentally transposing two letters = Jalopnik imitation fail, but if it makes you feel better, I’ll change it.

    He who casts the first stone and all that, sir.

  3. Alex Kierstein says:

    @Guilherme: oooh, that’s interesting, the Nuova Strada. Based on the Palio world car platform. Thanks!

  4. Henry says:

    It’s the whole “-amino” thing, which is very well established on Jalopnik and nowhere else.

    Be original. I actually still browse this place hoping for something different. Don’t let me down…

  5. Suzanne Denbow says:

    @Henry – The El Camino has generated an awfully widespread cult following since its introduction, and it’s frankly ridiculous to assert that Jalopnik and its readership are the sole remaining fans.

    Also, while we respect Jalopnik as a fellow in the industry, we are not – nor have we ever attempted to be – an imitation.

  6. .357 says:

    Henry, In the future, why don’t you just fuck off?

  7. .357 says:

    To expand on my earlier point: Jalopnik is dead. I’m a fairly well known commenter there, and honestly, that is gone. It has been replaced by Transformers ads and boring ass industry news. No more insaneness apart from a few editors (Orosz, Murilee) I mean, TAI was fired cause “Big Head Wert” went power crazy. Same with Pete Gaines. I miss the old days. I have talked with some of the editors and former editors. Honestly, you don’t know how bad it has really gotten. Now stop trying to insinuate that Jalopnik is the only auto blog that can use amino, and go back to “Jalopnik”.

  8. Biotech is Eggzilla says:

    I find it cute yet tough and looking good in white. Like me!

  9. FuzzyPlushroom says:

    I never much appreciated the “Caddy” nameplate anyway. Leave it for the vans.