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Branick Industries: Shocking Tire Safety Video

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Tire Explosion

More than any other part on your automobile, your vehicles tires provide you with safety, braking, foul weather performance and confidence, yet they are almost always the most neglected part on a vehicle. For some reason people don’t think about tires. They neglect tire pressures, wear and age, items that all contribute to keeping you safe and sound. Branick Industries provides nitrogen tire inflation systems to companies all over the world. This safety video shows us the effects of how an over inflated tire, on any vehicle can not only cause harm to an individual, but in some cases, death. By utilizing a slow motion Phantom camera, the team at Branick is now able to show us just how dangerous an improperly mounted and inflated tire can be. They’ve also gone as far as to show us that by utilizing a tire inflation cage, the risks of injury can be greatly reduced.

Source: Streetfire.net

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