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BRABUS Voted Best Tuning Brand–Again! Polish Tuners Getting Anxious.

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If BRABUS ever started a football team (as in FOOTBALL–not that sissy soccer stuff) the word “Dynasty” would be floating around town about now.

For the fourth consecutive year, ‘Auto Motor Und Sport’ (‘Auto Motor and Sport” for those who don’t know German) has named the makers of matte-black Mercs the world over the 2009 ‘BEST BRAND’ in the ‘Tuners’ category. Readers were asked to select those tuners whose products they felt were particularly convincing, and after all the ballots were tallied, BRABUS had won more than half of the vote–52.9% to be precise.

This, of course, is nothing new for BRABUS CEO Bodo Buschmann, who took the opportunity, after clearing off a new space in his trophy case, to give the media the ol’ humble acceptance speech shtick, saying this award is, “more than just an honor. It is also the ultimate motivation for us at BRABUS to continue to develop high-performance automobiles and tuning components that meet and exceed the high expectations our customers, the media, and the general public place on us.”

In other words, “Back to work boys! We’re gonna make it five in a row!”

And so, in honor of BRABUS’ achievements, here are a few of the convincing cars produced year-in and year-out by the ‘People’s Tuner Firm':

BRABUS Bullit Black Arrow

BRABUS Bullit Black Arrow
What every geek in a Honda is trying to get out of his ‘Primer” look

BRABUS ML 63 Biturbo (Mercedes AMG ML 63)


BRABUS Rocket (Mercedes-Benz CLS)


BRABUS Mercedes-Benz SLR Roadster McLaren


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