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Brabus S600 iBusiness is Mercedes-Benz office on Wheels.

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BRABUS iBusiness

In this world of mobile media where exactly do we draw the line? With gadgets like the iPad, Droid and iPhone taking over the world is it really necessary that we now turn our automobiles into mobile work stations as well. It used to be that a car was an escape, it was a way for individuals to get away from the work place and find some peace and quiet. Nowadays though it seems that every form of techno-gadget is being incorporated into our beloved escape machines and quite honestly it has me concerned.

BRABUS iBusiness

Take this new Mercedes-Benz S600 that has been customized by euro-tuner Brabus and dubbed the iBusiness. By raiding the nearest Apple warehouse, Brabus has incorporated just about every new piece of technology that they could get their hands on. For instance there are two iPads in the rear seats with Bluetooth keyboards and mouse, a Mac minicomputer under the rear shelf and a 64GB Apple iPod Touch. Combine that with the 15.2-inch TFT display with 16:9 aspect ratio and internet connect via UMTS and HSDPA and well, you’ll never need to leave the car. As with anything Apple though it’s a pity that everything in the car will be outdated within six months.

BRABUS iBusiness

On the plus side, this thing does haul some serious ass for when you want to shut everything down and just kick the big Benz in the guts. With a twin-turbo 750 hp 12-cylinder engine that puts out a WHOPPING 995 lb-ft torque this S600 will rocket you to 62 mph in just 4 seconds and take you onto a terminal velocity of 211 mph. A word to the wise though, I don’t think I’d be texting someone at that speed so make sure that all switches are in the off position before attempting flight.

BRABUS iBusiness

Cars like the Brabus iBusiness have been around for a long time promising business men and women the best of the best in terms of a mobile office. They’re always big, always well appointed, but in the end they’re also always outdated within 2 years because of the constant advancement of technology. Sure it’s good to have the best of the best, but in my opinion it would just be wiser to accomplish everything at the office and then use your car for its original intended purpose as a getaway machine from the daily grind.

Source: BornRich.org

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2 Responses

  1. Shahroz says:

    i still don’t get why they need all that power….. these business men will be most probably be stuck in downtown traffic, and highway rush hours.
    fail, unless you like dealing with official affairs while on the racetrack ofcourse.

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