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BP looks to soften their Big Oil image with new commercials

Posted in General by will bee | June 11th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Has anyone else seen the new BP Commercials on tv lately?

Nothing rebuilds a questionable image like cartoons and a catchy jingle.

Advertising agencies and major corporations have been using cute animation and a catchy toon to hook the buying populace on their products since television began. Before television there was Radio. Before radio there was… well let’s stick with the History from the past 100 years for now.

Let us take a look at some other tasty cartoon pitchmen.

While some plugs are quite frowned upon in todays culture…

Others cartoon pitchmen still have a favorable connotation associated to them…

The Cartoon pitchman and the use of Jingles are storied and very rememberable, which is why they are so often used. When in times of trouble (like a federal audit, being pulled over for speeding, caught cheating on a spouse) just try a catchy jingle and make a cartoon face and watch as they melt into an adoring consumer to what you are selling.

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