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Boonie Bug: How Ugly is Done

Posted in DIY, Favorite Cars, Volkswagen by Dustin Driver | October 26th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

It takes special kind of aesthetic genius to compose something as wonderfully ugly as the Boonie Bug. The VW-van-based vehicle was designed by inventor and engineer Robert Q. Riley. Its keen angles, eager stance, and tenacious face all conspire to create a fantastically hideous and absolutely perfect little van. The thing is bloody brilliant. It’s 16.5 inches shorter than the VW van it’s based on, giving it nimble on and off-road handling. It has a large flat sleeping area for two and 34 cubic feet of storage hidden Millennium Falcon style under the floor. Its body is constructed from a fiberglass-over-foam composite and includes two beefy steel roll bars for protection. And it has gull-wing doors. Oh, and it was featured in the sci-fi blockbuster Total Recall as a Martian minivan. The go-anywhere utility vehicle is sold as a set of plans for extreme DIY builders at Riley’s website. Hit the link to pick up a set of plans.

Source: Robert Q. Riley

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