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BMW’s Z4 gets a smidge greener with Efficient Dynamic addition

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BMW Z4 Efficient Dynamics

Starting September 1st, 2007 the Z4 will be joining the list of BMW’s 1-Series, 3-Series and 5-Series cars to receive their “Efficient Dynamics” system. The design of the system is intended to make the cars more eco-friendly by reducing their carbon emissions. While the other model BMW’s received their alterations in the form of regenerative braking and combined alternator/starter bolt-on’s the Z4 will be receiving its efficiency aid in the form of rear axle transmission.

All versions of the Z4 will be recieving the efficeincy improvements except for the Z4M. Below is a the listing in detail of the improvement each engine type has improved by:

The 2.5si goes from a combined economy of 33.6mpg to 34.0, with CO2 output down from 202 to 199g/km. The 3.0si goes from 32.8 to 33.2mpg and 207 to 204g/km, and the 3.0si coupe from 31.7 to 32.5mpg and 213 to 207g/km.

So as the idea behind the “Efficient Dynamics” rear axle transmission is a noble effort the results appear less than thrilling. Maybe BMW is looking to boost sales based on Green Nobility instead of significant green improvements. A .5 increase in miles per gallon and a 3g/km decrease in CO2 emissions as in the 3.0si engine hardly seems press release worthy.


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