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BMW’s Security Driver Training: Learn To Drive Like 007

Posted in BMW, Cool Stuff, driving by Kurt Ernst | January 29th, 2011 | 1 Response |

As a firearms instructor whose brother does the same thing for various police departments, I’ve gotten to do some pretty cool things that the general public is usually excluded from. Sadly, that list does not blend anything with cars and guns, and even my brother’s academy doesn’t train drivers to the extent that BMW does. Their course, shown in the video below, comes standard with the purchase of a BMW High Security Vehicle (armored car, in other words). I get the feeling it’s also available to anyone with the right credentials and the tuition fee, but I’ve yet to get an invite from BMW to cover it as a journalist. It’s one thing to reverse-180 a 7 Series BMW, but doing the same thing in an armored version that weighs substantially more takes another level of finesse and timing.

Ironically, much of what BMW is teaching has more to do with situational awareness than it does with driving. Anticipating a threat gives you more time and more options to create a response, hence the benefit of things like staged roadblocks and explosions. Even their response to a convoy attack gives drivers an idea of what a potential threat may look like, and actually allows them to practice what police agencies call “Pursuit Intervention Technique”. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to practice that in a 5 Series BMW.

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