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BMW X6 readies to expose its contours to the world at Frankfurt Auto Show

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The Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany will surely be one of the largest auto gala’s of the year with a number of concept cars and unveiling’s for the 2008 model year preparing to shed their camouflage and expose their skin. BMW appears about ready to pull their new X6 SUV on the stage as the most recent spy photos indicate. But can you really turn a stout SUV into what looks to equate a stylish crossover coupe and get away with it?

BMW expects to show that you can and they are doing it first by redefining the classification from a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) to a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV). When you redefine your expectations some very interesting or shocking things can happen.

The X6 will enjoy all the advantages of having many shared components with the successful X5, yet sport its own design cues to improve handling and performance. The same engines and chassis will be share between the lines to keep costs down and performance up. All three X5 engines will be available to choose from; including the 3.0 liter diesel and the 4.8 liter V8. The sloped-back design of the X6 will reduce cabin size, eliminate 3rd row seating and cut back on luggage room, but will improve on the cars center of gravity and handling. And improved handling seems to be the initiative and primary goal of the X6.

Some writers have hinted that the absence of space and 3rd row seats would detract from the X6’s appeal, but maybe they just do not get it. If you want 3 seats you have the X5 available to you. If the X5 is any indication and the X3’s production further proof, the X6 is sure to find its place on the luxury SUV market. …oops, I mean as the first production vehcile in the SAV market.


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