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BMW X1 Concept In The Flesh, Paris Auto Show 2008

Posted in BMW, Concept Cars, Paris Auto Show, SUV, XUV by Suzanne Denbow | October 3rd, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

When preview photos dropped days ahead of the Paris showing, I’ll admit my initial enthusiasm for the BMW X1 Concept was slightly lacking. Seeing the X1 Concept in the flesh didn’t do much by way of changing my attitude, but it did reassure me that while the exterior design isn’t exactly the most renegade piece of engineering, BMW has remained true to its trademark styling. Built on the BMW 3-series platform, the BMW X1 Concept borrows the five-door styling of the BMW 1-series, the front grill work of the BMW 7-series, and the ubiquitous SUV design of the BMW X3.

Bottom line: Sometimes change isn’t necessarily a good thing [for further reference, see: Chevy Orlando], and if the BMW X1 Concept ever makes it to production, it has the potential to fare very well as an entry-level crossover/SUV.

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[Photo Source: Autoblog.com]

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