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BMW Uses Singapore Building For 3D Video Ad

Posted in auto industry, BMW, Television, Videos by Kurt Ernst | May 28th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

BMW wants to focus future advertising dollars on 3D television, which they view as a great medium for getting the BMW message across. To test the public perception of 3D video ads, the German automaker chose to project a simplistic 3D video on a pair of Singapore office buildings. Why use office buildings for the media stunt? Because, per the ad, work should bring you joy. The buildings symbolize work, and BMW symbolizes joy. See the connection?

As you can tell from the crowd, BMW must have spent some serious effort promoting this video. Somehow, I don’t see 3D video ads on buildings working in the United States; can you imagine the lawsuits BMW would get over multi-car accidents caused by gawking drivers?

Source: BMW 3D Extravaganza in Singapore

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