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BMW Unscripted Tries To Show BMW As ‘The People’s Brand’

Posted in auto industry, BMW, Car Buying, Pop Culture, Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 21st, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the brand, BMW? Chances are good that it isn’t affordable performance, or “everyday people” owners. If you view the roundel in a positive light, you might associate it with superior handling or comfort. If you view it in a negative light, you may be thinking, “Broke My Wallet” or “Bavarian Money Waster”. Personally, I can go either way: I’ve had great luck with their bikes, but less than stellar luck with their cars.

Whatever your impression of BMW, the German manufacturer is looking to change it with their “BMW unscripted” series of ads. The ads feature normal folks (with the exception of ‘Ring Taxi celebrity Sabine Schmitz) who are passionate about their BMW products, ranging from a BMW Isetta, to an early R800 GS, to a 5 Series sedan somewhere in Africa. There isn’t an M3 owner in the bunch, and late model cars are represented solely by the M5 used to shuttle tourists around the Nürburgring at heart stopping velocities. Does this imply that today’s cars aren’t viewed with the same passion as those of early generations? That they won’t be serviceable as long? I’m not sure the ads really send the message BMW was looking for.

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