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BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine, Also In An Armored Version

Posted in BMW, Gas Guzzlers, General, Police, Safety, Videos by Kurt Ernst | May 5th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

BMW, apparently, has been building armored vehicles for over 30 years. In Europe, personal security (especially for corporate executives) is taken much more seriously than in the United States. We have the occasional carjacking; they’ve been dealing with anti-corporate terrorists for decades. It makes good sense that BMW would sell a range of vehicles that offer light armoring (for protection from handgun rounds) to heavy armoring (for protection against rifle rounds and explosive devices).

There’s a worldwide market for vehicles like this. Years ago, a buddy of mine lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His daily driver was an armored Dodge Stratus, since kidnapping of foreign workers was all the rage. We don’t see too much of this here, but give it time. Ditto for increased terrorism, like last weekend’s Times Square car bomb.

2010 BMW High Security 7 Series

Can you tell that this 7 Series would stop a round from an AK-47?

BMW takes great pains to ensure their armored vehicles look just like their standard ones, giving occupants a tactical advantage in the event of an attack. As you can see from the driver training footage in the above video, they handle much the same as a conventional BMW would, a definite plus when you’re attempting a J turn under assault rifle fire.

Source: Autoblog

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