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BMW Shows You The Consequences Of Hoonage

Posted in BMW, Funny Videos, Motorcycle by Kurt Ernst | October 24th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Back in about 2003, BMW motorcycle dealerships all had a poster of a K1200RS doing a massive burnout. I don’t remember the exact text, which was poorly translated from German, but it was along the lines of “Finally, we have a bike powerful enough to do this. Too bad that the owner just voided his warranty.” Like most things German, the poster had a lesson behind it: have fun, but do so responsibly.

That message comes across loud and clear in BMW’s newest ad for the S1000RR. At 190 horsepower (versus about 130 on the old K1200), the bike’s got more than enough grunt to light the rear tire and produce a cloud of smoke that can be seen from space. Doing so, however, is not without consequence, as the rider and his friends soon find out. Once again, BMW shows us that Germans do have a sense of humor, even if it is under-developed and tied to a lesson on morality.

Source: Hell For Leather

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