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BMW Recalls 200,000 Cars in US Due to Problem with Airbag System

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2005 BMW X3

BMW is recalling 200,000+ vehicles because of air bag problems. The recall affects the 3-series and 5-series and BMW’s X3 sport- utility vehicle made between 2004-2006.

Apparently, the models in question have a passenger detection system built in to the vehicle, which turns the passenger side air bag on when there is someone sitting there, but turns them off when the seat is empty. This is the system experiencing problems in the vehicles. Apparently, small cracks can develop in the detection system, rendering them useless and permanently turning off the passenger air bag.

According to BMW spokesman Tom Plucinsky no injuries or accidents from the reported issue have occurred

Plucinsky said customers alerted the company when they noticed the air bag light showed that the air bag was off even though there was someone sitting in the passenger seat.

In addition to the vehicles under the recall, the ongoing investigation includes the 2004-2006 Z4, 2006 X5, 2006 6 Series and some 2004-2006 7 Series vehicles.

BMW said it would extend the warranty to 10 years without any mileage limit for the following cars: 2006 6 Series, 2006 3 Series with standard seat, 2004-2005 Z4, 2004-2006 7 Series, 2006 X5 and 2004-2006 5 Series with comfort seats.

Under the extended warranty program, BMW said any problems with the detection system mat would be replaced at no charge.

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