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BMW Motorrad C1-E Offers Safer, Less Fun Alternative To Motorcycling

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BMW Motorrad’s C1-E Concept unfortunately got lost in last week’s shuffle of press releases (read: it was boring, we forgot), which is why it’s making its official debut to the RideLust readership – all 4 of you – a few days late.

Primarily based on the short-lived BMW C1 enclosed scooter that enjoyed a limited run earlier this decade, the C1-E concept is an electric single-track personal mobility vehicle that features some rather avant-garde design language, to put it kindly. As is immediately obvious by its basic engineering principles, the C1-E was intended primarily for use in congested city areas as a safer alternative to motorcycling. As a matter of fact, the C1-E Concept was actually created in conjunction with Europe’s eSUM (European Safer Urban Motorcycling) project which should signal some sign of relief for Americans like ourselves who would rather chew glass than trade in a Ninja for a C1-E.

Boasting similarly unappealing specifications under the metaphorical hood, the C1-E concept is powered by a lithium-ion battery, the output of which was has not been disclosed. BMW’s production intent was also absent from the laundry list of information, but given Europe’s penchant for small motorized vehicles it’s possible the C1 could see an official launch sometime within the next few years.

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  1. James says:

    Love the C1-E. Where can I buy one in the US?