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BMW M3 GTS To Challenge M Community Cred

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Just when you thought your reputation at the track was safely ensconced within the custom leather interior of your M3, BMW releases the M3 GTS. Outfitted with a rollcage and a six-point racing harness, the M3 GTS is designed to separate the truly discerning motorsport enthusiasts from the wealthy housewives/heiresses/frat boys and – the audacity! – doesn’t even come with an automatic transmission offering. As a matter of fact, the M3 GTS is a death sentence on 19″ M light-alloy Competition rims for the hardcore poseur, which could be the primary reason BMW as no plans to introduce it to the North American market.

For those of you European enthusiasts with a healthy respect for the law of physics and a a reasonable amount of professional driving instruction under their belts, the M3 GTS will be the perfect addition to your garage. In addition to the same carbon fiber roof found on the M3 Plebeian, the M3 GTS utilizes titanium silencers, extra-light center console and door linings, the omission of rear seats, automatic air conditioning and an audio system, to achieve an unladen weight of under 3,300 lbs.

Beneath the hood, the standard M V8 has been enlarged to a hungry 4.4L, boosting output to 450-horsepower. The most notable aspect of the GTS drivetrain is not the engine though, but rather the 7-speed M DKG Drivelogic transmission with race-bred gearshift. Optionally available but rarely seen on the production M3, the double-clutch DKG found on the GTS was exclusively tailored to compliment the high engine speeds and provide a smooth shift without interruption of engine power.

Pricing and an official availbility date have yet to be announced, but you American readers needn’t worry your perfectly coiffed little head about that anyway.

Source: BMW

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