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BMW M Concept Rendered As Fantasy Rival to Audi’s R8

Posted in Audi, BMW, Design by Chris | June 19th, 2009 | 2 Responses |


It’s neat how once somebody somewhere does something really cool, everybody else starts doing it. Like how everybody ripped off Anvil after the Japan tour in the 1980s. Do we think about Anvil anymore? Not until that movie comes out at least.

The Audi R8 set a new industry standard for automotive design. And Idries Noah has whipped up an imaginary BMW competitor. Drawing inspiration from the Ferrari Dino, 250GTO, and BMW’s own M1, Noah’s burly coupe would pack a ferocious 540hp 5.0L V10 in its center and lay down the law in the Motherland.

Check the gallery for Hi-Res pictures

The front end bears a striking resemblance to the V10 R8, with its bouquet of air intakes and sharp edges, while the roofline peaks at the windshield a la the Nissan GT-R. In the end, it is the rearend that looks the classiest and most original, complete with a glass roof and slick integrated ducktail and rear-diffuser.

Source: idi3d.com via Autoblog

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2 Responses

  1. Alex Kierstein says:

    What is Anvil?

    And while that concept looks nice in a generic sort of way, I like the M1 homage better: http://jalopnik.com/384455/bmw-m1-homage-concept-revealed

    • Chris says:

      What is Anvil? You see, that’s the problem, no one knows. Just type it into google. Anvilthemovie.com is the first to come up, and the wiki article is the second.

      As for the M Concept, I’m not sure generic is the right word, although the M1 is certainly more evocative either way. I think maybe–“rendering” defines the look quite nicely, because any rendered car is going to look a bit too good–and too ugly–and too dramatic to ever make it to the streets. They look the same because they all try to look different.