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BMW Frozen Paint: Overview and Cleaning – DRIVE CLEAN

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BMW Frozen Paint

This week on DRIVE CLEAN, we take a tour of BMW’s North American Headquarters in Woodcliff Lake New Jersey to discuss their “Frozen” matte paint and to identity how it differs from traditional clear-coat finishes. Matthew Russell, president of the M-car and Alpina division’s for north America, gives us a tour of the facility and discusses how BMW came to create their new “Frozen” paint scheme (shown on BMW’s M3 with Frozen Monte Carlo Blue). BMW’s head of body-and-paint technical training manager, Walter Malec, also discusses matte-paint technology and repairs. And as expected, we’ll also review how to best clean and care for matte finishes. – LARRY KOSILLA

Source: Youtube.com/DRIVE

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  1. djrosa says:

    i am one of those guys who really hate cleaning my car and do it waaay to rarely but when i do i take my time and make the car shine like never before. but even though i hate cleaning my car this show is really hypnotic for me. could ofcourse be that when this guy clean those cars they dont have dried up seagul poop and tar all over them.