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BMW Developing Inline Six Motor For Sport Touring Motorcycles

Posted in BMW, Cool Stuff, Motorcycle, Newsworthy by Kurt Ernst | July 6th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

BMW Motorrad's new inline six motor. Yes, those cams are composite.

For years, BMW has used a common engine for their sportbikes and their sport tourers. The R1100S, for example, shared a boxer twin with the R1100RT. My K1200 RS shared a laydown inline four with the K1200 GT and even the K1200RT. Even the newer inline four 1.3 liter motor was used for both sport bike (K1300 S) and sport touring bike (K1300 GT) applications.

According to Inside Line, BMW Motorrad appears to be moving in a new direction, focusing on the 1.0 liter motor used in the S1000 RR for their sportbikes and building a new 1.6 liter inline six for their sport tourers. The inline six will produce 158 horsepower and 129 foot pounds of torque, with 92 ft-lbs coming at just 1,800 rpm. Thanks to the extensive use of aluminum, composite and magnesium, the new motor weighs just 226 pounds. It will be mounted transversely, across the frame, and will have a width of just 22 inches. A dry sump lubrication system allows the motor to be mounted lower in the frame, reducing the bike’s center of gravity for improved low speed handling.

As you’d expect from BMW, the new bikes will push the technology envelope with amenities such as an adaptive headlight, which compensates for lean angle, and real time traffic monitoring via the bike’s onboard nav system. Prices haven’t been discussed, but I’d expect the new range of BMW sport tourers to come dangerously close to the $30k mark when optioned out.

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